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Coffin and Tombstone Funeral Plan

MMK Funeral Services has introduced a group burial plan, which covers up to 11 people with Coffin and Tombstone benefit.


Covers 11 People

It covers the policyholder(Main Member) and any 10 dependants with the same premium, and each member qualifies for a coffin and a tombstone.

3 Months Waiting Period

The products have 3 months waiting period. This means that no claim for natural death is valid within the 1st 3 months of the policy.

Full Funeral Service

We offer you comfort and peace of mind by ensuring that the entire burden of arranging a funeral is all taken care of by professionals.

Coffin and Tombstone Group Cover

Funeral Services: No age limit (T's & C's)

Total People CoveredPolicy Holder + 10Policy Holder + 10
Policy holderCoffin and TombstoneCoffin and Tombstone
10 DependentsCoffin and TombstoneCoffin and Tombstone
Storage and MortuaryIncludedIncluded
Hearse + Family CarIncludedIncluded
Coffin TypeMMK CoffinsMMK Coffins
Tombstone Typeentry levelEntry tombstone
Grocery VoucherR1 500R2 000
Monthly premiumR130.00R200.00
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